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HomeпрадуктыЦяпліца LED агні растуцьPhlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
  • Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
  • Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
  • Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
  • Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w
  • Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w

Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w

    Цана за адзінку: USD 116.13 / Piece/Pieces
    тып аплаты: L/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CIF
    мінімум заказ: 1 Piece/Pieces
    тэрмін пастаўкі: 5 дзён

базавая інфармацыя

мадэль №: PH-D6

Application: Fruit and Vegetable, Flowers, Special Crops, Leafy, Fruit, Seedling

IP Rating: IP44

Input Voltage: 85V-265V

Shape: Square

Warranty: 3 Years

Life: 50000h

Certification: CE, RoHS, UL, FCC

Color: Full Spectrum

Installation: Hanging


LED Chips: Epileds

Power: 600w

Power Rated Output: 100W

Features: 400W HPS Grow Light

Keyword: Phlizon Led Grow

Item Name: Phlizon 600W

Description: China Grow Light

Additional Info

ўпакоўка: Cartons

прадукцыйнасць: 2000pcs/month

марка: Phlizon

транспарт: Ocean,Land,Air

Месца паходжання: China

магчымасць пастаўкі: 2000pcs/month

сертыфікат: ISO9000

Код ТН ЗЭД: 940540900

порт: Shekou,Yantian,Chiwan

Апісанне Прадукта

Phlizon Double Chips Led Grow Light 600w

Phlizon Newest 600w Intensity and PPFD Test Results
If you`ve noticed then the majority of brands are specifying HPS/MH replacement figures as if its something that you should worry about the most.

However, the fact is those are rubbish figures used to trap customers and nothing else. Yeah, it`s the PPFD results that you should consider as a measure of quality and not the replacement figures.

Bulid Quality

Phlizon 600w LED Grow Light is one of the most demanded and highly praised grow lights on the market.

The major reason behind this level of demand and success on this highly competitive market could be its quality and sturdiness.
The Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light is built using some of the top-notch materials. A highly experienced R&D team`s hard work is behind its build.
As far as core materials are concerned, We `ve used Epistar/Bridgelux LED chips on the panel. These two brands are considered as two of the most recommended brands for a high-quality light.
Also, the inner build is supported by highly reliable drivers and Zener diode. If any single LED stops working, the rest of the LEDs are unaffected.
Two separate switches for two different stages of plant`s growth are there for your convenience.
On the backside of the LED Panel daisy chaining port or power outlet is available which means you`re free to extend your grow space whenever you like.

Phlizon 600 watt`s Spectrum Quality:
Light spectrum quality is one of the most important aspects to consider while comparing the best 600W LED grow lights. Light spectrum is the critical factor responsible for how well your plants grow based on light penetration and color range.
Moreover, you might be aware the fact that the only reason to utilize LED Grow Lights in indoor growing and cultivation is to replace the sunlight which plays a vital role for any plant`s survival and health.
The Phlizon Newest 600W contains a balanced blue and red spectrum that`ll carry your plants through to harvest.

The spectrum includes ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelengths that`re proven to increase THC levels, accelerate the flowering phase, and improve flower density. These are a critical part of any weed grow light and it`s a definite value add on such a low cost light.

The Phlizon newest 600W Grow Light is capable of providing 350 uMol from the height of 18".

That`ll provide you up to 1.5ft of well covered grow space.

Also, these results are confirmed by real-life users who`re using it happily. I actually read a review where a lady was pleased with this grow light`s results in her 5×5 grow space. But again – every situation is a bit unique. 1.5 feet of coverage is what Phlizon guides for.
However, both of the Mars Hydro is a bit more advanced compared to Phlizon newest 600W and might cost you a bit more up front.

In the long run they`ll help you yield more by providing more absorbable light to your plants.

Coverage Expectancy From Phlizon Newest 600W Plant LED Grow Light
Now ends your wait for coverage capabilities by Phlizon newest 600W Grow Light.
According to our experts it`s the point which bothers almost every indoor grower. In fact, you should worry about it too.
Now, as far as this Phlizon Newest 600W Plant LED Grow Light Review is concerned, we`d like to tell you that for confirmation its coverage capabilities we`d conducted a survey where people shared their opinions with us.
Also, according to our observation, the majority of people said that it is a perfect fit for an area of 2`X2` from the height of 18".
People also shared that keeping the light at 22" during vegetation produces the best results for them.

Also, from that height, you`ll be able to get a decent footprint for around 2.5`X2.5` of grow space, but with weaker intensity.

Specifications of Phlizon Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

ITEMS LED Grow Lights
LEDs Power 600W
Dimension(L*W*H) 400*170*60mm
Packing(L*W*H)/BOX 450*220*110mm
N.W 1.9kg
G.W 2.2kg
power AC Input Voltage AC100V~265V/50-60Hz
Protection Overheating Protection
Power Factor Over 95%
LEDs LED True Watts Surround LEDs (5W+)/Module
Light Source Surround 5w LEDs
Total Number of LED's 60PCS
Heat Management PCB Metal PCB (aluminium) 2.0MM
Ambient Temperature Storage Temp. -30°C ~ 45°C
Operation Temp. -30°C ~ 45°C
Life Span
Over 50,000hr

Advantage of Best LED Lights for Plants

Best LED Light

What Kind of plants you can grow with our Greenhouse LED Grow Lights?

1.Best COb LED Grow Light is ideal for all phases of plant growth and works well with water solution culture and soil culture.

Can be used in house garden,pot culture,garden,sowing,breeding,farm,flower exhibition,bonsai.garden,greenhouse,sowing,breeding,farm,greenhouse cultivation,water soluble breeding,greenhouse cultivation,pipeline cultivation and so on.

2. All kinds of Indoor Plants and greens, Tomatoes, Pepper, Rose, pepper and other plants.
3. All kinds Herbs and leafy vegetables: Lettuce, bok choy etc.
4. Indoor garden or Indoor potted landscape.

Dual Chip LED Grow Light

Grow Lights

Item Details

Phlizon Grow Light

Phlizon Plant Light

Phlizon 600W Light600W Dual Chip

LED Grow Light Phlizon

Package of Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light Panel

Phlizon was established in 2010, which specialized in manufacturing Greenhouse LED grow light and LED aquarium light. the products we develop and produce are with the certification of UL, CE and RoHS.

And our qualification rate achieves above 99.5% and the product enjoys the perfect after-sale service. Our lights are popular in European, America, Australia etc and got much positive feedback in some famous forum.

You are sincerely welcomed to join us.

Warmly welcome to visit our company and we will pick you up.

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