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What is a COB LED Grow Light?


Until very recently, surface mounted diode LEDs have been the go-to technology for Led Grow Lights. This technology-commonly referred to as SMD-involves single diodes mounted to a surface individually. They may be mounted close together, but they always function as several separate light sources.

COB technology – an abbreviation of chip-on-board"- promotes an even light spread, creates a uniform light source, and reduces costs. COB LEDs are built by mounting many tiny LEDs directly onto a substrate in close proximity. Together, these miniscule diodes create one single module-a uniform light source essentially operating as one big LED chip. COB LEDs will typically send light out in all directions (180 degrees) rather than in specific narrow angles typical with SMD LEDs.

Unlike SMD LEDs which have a specific spectrum in each diode, COB LEDs start out as all blue LED diodes. A phosphor coating is then applied over the blue LEDs which is yellow in appearance. There is no such thing as a white LED – they all start as blue LEDs and then get a phosphor coating which emits a white spectrum, similar to florescent lights, which also use a phosphor coating to emit white light.

It is possible to adjust the color temperature of the light by adjusting the phosphor mix. Thus, it is possible to move the spectrum more towards the red or blue spectrum for veg or bloom, but this will be a fixed spectrum and does not change. There is also a limit in how far you can push the phosphor to red or blue. Some surface mount LED fixtures, such as the SolarSystem series from California Lightworks, allow for variable light spectrum in a single fixture – giving you the best of various light settings.

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